Purpose And Vision Plan

Help us spread the healing and hope from the shut up book and ministry!  The following are some brief talking points to share with teens, college students, and other people who are interested in our shut up vision.

WHO: Who is the book for? 

Teens, college students, and young adults.  The book is also for parents, teachers, counselors, youth pastors, and other caring adults who want to reach out to those who are hurting in this generation.

WHAT: What is the shut up book all about?

The purpose of the shut up book is to help teens and young adults shut up the lies and negative thoughts in their heads.

WHY: Why shut up?

Shut up is a book, a ministry, and a movement focused on helping teens and young adults become aware of the negative thoughts inside their heads in order to equip them to shut up the voices that are tearing them down.

The book is designed is a guided approach to help teens and young adults find hope, healing, and power to overcome negative and destructive thoughts. Today’s teens and young adults are experiencing tremendous pressure to succeed in everything from academics to sports, and the toll it’s taking on their mental health is devastating.  The CDC now reports that the teenage mental health crisis is an epidemic in the United States, noting suicide as the 2nd leading cause of death among teens age 10-24 years.

On a personal note, shut up is dedicated to the Eberwein family, whose 16-year-old son committed suicide after jumping in front of a train in the San Francisco Bay Area. The book is written by Christy Pierce, a mom of three teenagers, author, speaker, and pastor with a passion to help teens and young adults who are under tremendous pressure in today’s society and who are suffering alone.  Over a thousand teens and young adults helped Christy write the book and generously gave of their time, stories, ideas, and social media expertise to spread the shut up message.

Even as the book is being published, teenage suicide, depression, anxiety, and mental illness is increasing at alarming rates.

One of the major problems in the mental health field today is that teens aren’t getting the counseling or psychiatric help they need.  There are many barriers between a teen in need and the clinical resources that might help them including:

(a) many teens don’t believe counseling or meds will help them,

(b) they must first tell parents and many are hesitant to do that for fear of punishment or shame,

(c) parents must be supportive and willing to help,

(d) parents must have the financial resources to help,


(e) if parents do have the money and are willing, there are often long waiting lists to even see a good counselor that’s an expert in adolescent mental health.

The shut up book and website connect this target demographic of teens and young adults to practical help with depression, anxiety, bullying, eating disorders, and other serious issues.

HOW:  How is the shut up book and ministry designed to help?  

The shut up book helps teens and young adults know how to shut up the lies and negative thoughts by:

  • Increasing awareness about the different voices in their heads
  • Teaching them what different voices sound like: Which is God’s loving voice?  Which are the voices that build you up and which are voices that tear you down?
  • Helping them understand their feelings and know what anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses look like and what to do if they are struggling with those issues
  • Encouraging them that they are not alone. The book and website show many other teens and young adults suffering from problems just like theirs and encourages them that there is help available.
  • Connecting them to resources they can use in crisis
  • Empowering them spiritually by teaching about prayer, how to hear God’s voice, and how to shut up dark or demonic voices.

Our most important mission:

We believe that one of the primary ways teens and young adults will learn to shut up the negative and dark voices is through experiencing God’s love in a personal way that brings healing, hope, and that empowers them to say shut up to the bad voices.

Our Vision Plan

Helping teens and college students find healing and hope, as they experience God’s love, so they can “shut up” the negative thoughts inside their heads.

OUR VISION 2016-17


“Lord Jesus, we give you this shut up ministry.  You are the One who called us into this big mission field, and we want to be obedient to follow you every step of the way.  Show us what you want us to do.  Remind us that with God, nothing is impossible.  You are the God who is able to do exceedingly more than all we ask, think or imagine.  To you be the glory.  Amen”

Our vision for 2016-17 for Shut Up and NHPM?

  • Help thousands of teens and college students learn how to shut up the negative and lying thoughts in their heads.
  • Encourage young people that they can hear God’s loving voice, and silence the destructive and dark voices that are tearing them down.
  • Get the Shut Up book into the hands of thousands of teens and college students in the United States (and overseas…England, Africa, Singapore) 
  • Social Media: Connect thousands of teens and college students to our shut up website and spread the word through our sayshutup.com  website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat.
  • Minister to teens and college students through our speaking and prayer ministry on college campuses, schools and youth conferences.
  • Write and publish “Shut Up and Listen” (Parents, teachers and youth pastors are requesting this sequel to shut up. The purpose of this book is to educate and bring more awareness to adults about the mental health crisis among youth, and to connect them to resources that can help them parent teens and young adults in this challenging time in history)

Our Goals and Plans about how to follow God’s vision for 2017-18:

  •  Speaking and bringing the shut up book across the country….

NOTE:  We are already filling up the speaking scheduling at colleges, high schools, middle schools, youth conferences and for parent groups.

  •  Strategic mailing of 200 copies of shut up to teens, college students, youth pastors, therapists and others God shows us to spread the world.
  • Mailing e-books to teens and college students (seeing specific donations to buy and mail books to all teens and college kids who can’t afford a copy).
  •  Radio and television appearances (TBD)
  • Churches: Hawaiian Islands Ministries conference in March 2017.  PCC and Menlo Church in Fall 2017.  Other churches are requesting our speaking and ministry to their youth and parents.
  • Possible partnership with The Kings Academy, with this being the required reading book of the year for summer reading.
  • Social Media Campaign: Under the leadership of Julie Davies, we are working with teens and college students to keep our website, instagram, twitter, facebook and snap chat current and reaching more and more youth.  Planning to add a live chat option on the website where teens can talk with one another.
  • Book Store Promotion: Seeking person specifically called to promote book in the bookstores across the nation.
  • Youth Pastor Conferences: Taking our Youth Pastor Shut Up Guide to youth pastor conferences, and training them how to use the book in small groups of teens and college students.
  • Develop a team of parents who feel called to equip, support and pray for parents who have teens or college students that are hurting.
  • Intentional Mentoring of teens and college students, who can come alongside us (disciple them) and learn how to hear God’s voice, find healing and shut up the negative voices in their lives.  Teach them about listening prayer and developing a deep relationship with God, and then inviting them to join us in the shut up mission.  (note:  this is already happening, and wonderful teens and college kids are joining our team!!  They’ve taken over the Instagram, video, and social media.  Thank you!)
  • 2018:  Rebirth “The Eagles Nest for Youth”    A safe place to find healing, hope and learn how to pray and have a personal relationship with God.  We will be teaching them how to have their own prayer life and how to hear God’s voice for themselves.  When they are ready, support them to “fly out from our nest” and help others in their generation who are suffering.


  • Money to make the mission possible: Our Board has challenged me to raise 200k for the 2017-18 year.  Our hope is to raise the funds through mostly private donors this year, if God allows that to happen, because it will free up my time to speak, write the new sequel book, and minister to hurting kids and parents.
  • A large team of parents who feel called to help. We need parents who feel called to have small groups to pray for parents of teens who are struggling, and connect them to resources.
  • Administrative: volunteer staff of people called to help us with things like sending out books, social media, letter sending, etc)
  • Marketing/PR: In addition to Julie, we need people called to help us spread the message by contacting radios, TV, bookstores, and other social media avenues to tweet, etc our message.
  • Prayer: our most important need!  Need people who want to be on our intercessory prayer team either via email or our weekly conference prayer calls.
  • Eagles Nest and Retreats: in the future (2018) we plan to host youth retreats for kids who want to come and learn to hear God’s voice and receive prayer.   People who want to plan these events.
  • Church connections: people who will contact churches and youth ministries that might want Christy, julie or other team members to come and speak.
  • School connections: people who feel called to help us spread the shut up message in schools, speaking events etc.
  • Medical research and contact with clinical professionals: therapists or doctors, or people in the medical field (or have that specific interest) who feel called to keep us current with the latest medical statistics on teen and young adult suicide stats and other mental health stats that are accurate.  People who are willing to keep in close touch with trusted resources that we can refer teens and college kids to for help.