Communication with God

Communicating with God

I don’t know about you, but one of the main reasons I didn’t consider myself Christian in the past was because I didn’t feel like I had a relationship with God, in my eyes no matter how many times I asked God to speak to me I heard nothing. I still struggle with it sometimes and wonder how a God who loves us so much and wants us all to know him, makes it so hard!

Well what if actually it wasn’t hard, but we were just listening for the wrong thing. We expect a God that is so much greater than we could ever imagine to speak to us in a clear loud voice. How can we expect that? He speaks to us every day, he is with us always and walks our lives out with us. We have to look for Him in everyday things in nature, in people, in emotions, in everything! He is not ignoring us when we ask for communication with us, we are just narrow minded sometimes and are listening for the wrong thing which causes us to ignore all the other ways he is trying to reach us.

I went to a talk once and the person giving it made an analogy for hearing God’s voice that really made sense to me. She said: think of someone from your bank calling you. The first time they call they introduce themselves and explain that they are from the bank. The next few times it will go the same way, but eventually after enough contact you will know it’s them when they call because you will recognize their voice and know instinctively that it is the woman at the bank calling. She compared this to God saying that we cannot expect to recognize His communications with us immediately. It takes perseverance and practice. We can’t just give up the first few times, he is speaking in many different ways we just haven’t learned to recognize it yet. But we will!

This really helped me because I was impatient and barely tried to be honest. I tried once or twice and then gave up like ok He obviously isn’t there then this is dumb. But I am learning to keep trying and to look for Him in other things, He does not speak English in the way I do. God has his own unique language and each day I am learning and understanding more, all you have to do is try and not get too discouraged. God promises to always be with us so I promise you now you will not be disappointed.  I guarantee that every single person will have a relationship with God if they are willing to try..

– Lea