How You Can Help

how you can help teens


Money to make the mission possible: Our Board has challenged me to raise 200k for the 2017-18 year. Our hope is to raise the funds through mostly private donors this year, if God allows that to happen, because it will free up my time to speak, write the new sequel book, and minister to hurting kids and parents.

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A large team of parents who feel called to help. We need parents who feel called to have small groups to pray for parents of teens who are struggling, and connect them to resources.

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Administrative: volunteer staff of people called to help us with things like sending out books, social media, letter sending, etc)

Marketing/PR: In addition to Julie, we need people called to help us spread the message by contacting radios, TV, bookstores, and other social media avenues to tweet, etc our message.

Prayer: our most important need! Need people who want to be on our intercessory prayer team either via email or our weekly conference prayer calls.

Eagles Nest and Retreats: in the future (2018) we plan to host youth retreats for kids who want to come and learn to hear God’s voice and receive prayer. People who want to plan these events.

Church connections: people who will contact churches and youth ministries that might want Christy, julie or other team members to come and speak.

School connections: people who feel called to help us spread the shut up message in schools, speaking events etc.

Medical research and contact with clinical professionals: therapists or doctors, or people in the medical field (or have that specific interest) who feel called to keep us current with the latest medical statistics on teen and young adult suicide stats and other mental health stats that are accurate. People who are willing to keep in close touch with trusted resources that we can refer teens and college kids to for help.