My dang GPA- Part 2 (Guest post by UCLA student)

My dang GPA – Part 2

If you haven’t yet read my post a while back on academic performance, standards, and fear, I recommed doing that first. It will make this post so much better.

I wrote four weeks ago that I was convinced that my GPA was a miracle from the Lord, and that he showed me how to not be afraid of it changing. What brought out the fear and the opportunity for the Lord to talk to me was a class that was certainly going downhill fast. I have to share will you what happened.

I got an A+ in the class. May I take a moment to brag on behalf of my God, because I have nothing to brag about here. Up to the point of writing that last post, I had not earned an A on a single assingment in that class. On the short answer final I made up answers for at least three questions. Yet I not only got an A, it was an A+. Is it a miracle? Perhaps the grades got curved, perhaps I did way better on the final than I thought, but whatever happened, I know I have reason to praise the Lord. Why would I default to justifying what happened in “sensible” terms, or to finding some explanation that means that a miracle didn’t have to happen? Why not default to praising God and rejoycing in the goodness of my Father for doing something in my life? I enjoy the freedom of being open to miracles. I hope God made me that way.

I’m going into this, the first day of my last year of school, with an openness to miracles. I think being open to miracles is a big part of being a servant to God. In my heart I want to allow and expect him to do more than I ever could. I don’t think it’s prideful. In fact, I think seeing God do something that humans cannot do or produce or engineer is quite humbling. I want to be humble. I want to see miracles. I want to love my God more. That’s all.

“For the creation was subjected to frustration… in hope that the creation might be liberated from it’s slavery to corruption and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.” Romans 8:20-21

(Guest post by Elsie, a current UCLA student. Please visit her blog to read the entire post and check out her other amazing blog posts: